Two-Way Car Alarm System
Model: HT-800F3
Huatai Two-way car alarm system adopts the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including FSK modulation, Dual-stage vibration shock sensor, automatic start technology, which could protect your vehicle and operate conveniently.
  • Real time showing
  • Two-way communication, color LCD display
  • Auto window closed when arming

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  • Germen FSK Technology adopted for collecting and sending information
  • Super monitoring range ( 1500m )
  • Two-way communication, color LCD display
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for remote control
  • Alarmed with sound and icon flash by remote control
  • Auto rearming
  • Closing door reminder
  • Anti-hijacking activated from opening driver's door (optional)
  • Trigger memory
  • Emergency alert (intrusion alert)
  • Door open alert (programmable)
  • Emergency override
  • Shock sensor bypass
  • Stop alarm sounding temporarily
  • Turning off the parking lights reminder(optional)
  • Timer and alarm clock setting
  • In-range indicator
  • Car finder
  • Remote trunk release
  • Power window trigger ouput
  • Automatic door lock/unlock output
  • Features electable by jumper
  • Tachometer learning
  • Power interrupted memory
  • Valet mode
  • Code learning
  • Remote engine start (for automatic transmission car)
  • Remote start crank time programmable
  • With remote engine start reservation
  • With protection for turbo engine
Main Control Module
Working Voltage 12V ± 3V
Standby Current ≤ 15mA(including LED and shock sensor)
Siren Volume 105~125dB
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Frequency Range 433.92MHz ± 10KHz
Modulation FSK
Two-way Remote Control
Working Voltage 1.5V
Standby Current ≤40uA
Frequency Range 433.92MHz ± 10KHz
Modulation FSK

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